New Telephone System

Sangoma PBXThere is only one of me! No service receptionist, no coworkers, no back office staff.

When the phone rings, and it rings pretty much constantly all day, I am unable to answer it if I’m repairing vehicles (which is most of the day), driving them (picking them up/taking them for MOT test/road testing them/collecting parts etc), dealing with customers and suppliers in the workshop or out of earshot of the phone.

Phone calls still need dealing with even if I’m unable to physically answer the phone. If I can’t do it myself then an injection of automation through modern technology is required to deal with calls on my behalf.

So, from Monday 2nd July 2018 the new PBX telephone system will be fully operational. It has been programmed to deal with every scenario and will handle calls when I can’t.  Some of the features enabled on the system are as follows:

Time/Calendar Routing
During normal business hours the system will transfer all incoming calls through to the workshop. Outside of normal hours, on bank holidays and whilst I’m away on holiday the system will play an announcement followed by diverting the caller to voicemail.

Follow Me/Find Me
When incoming calls are sent through to the workshop, the internal phones will ring for 10 seconds and if not answered then my work mobile phone will also ring for a further 20 seconds. If I haven’t answered it by then the system will send the caller to voicemail.

Mobile Phones
Both my work and personal mobile phones are now extensions on the system. Additionally, when I dial into the system the mobile phones are recognised by it allowing the full functionality of the system to be used even when there is no mobile data or WiFi available.

Priority Routing
Sometimes I may need a customer to be able to reach me outside of normal business hours. The customer’s phone number can be entered into the system overriding any out of hours routing and pushing the call straight through to my mobile phone.

Please note: From the 1st June 2018 my work mobile phone remains at the workshop outside of normal business hours. Any calls or texts received outside of normal working hours will be replied to the next working day.

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