Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager

** New Equipment Update **

Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager

Imagine a tool that lets you “see” heat. The Snap-on Diagnostic Thermal Imager uses infrared technology to reveal heat, friction, electrical resistance, pressure changes. It is specifically designed for automotive applications and includes an exclusive database of guided tests, showing dozens of valuable applications. Just point it at any area of a vehicle and see detailed images of an object’s heat signature.

Welcome To Our New Website

Since 2008 we have hosted our company website with Microsoft using their Office365 Sharepoint Services. From March 2018 Microsoft are no longer hosting external websites which gave us a great opportunity to relocate then fully upgrade our online presence.

ScreenClip [1]
Our old website, online since 2008.

So, welcome the new Jonathan Fry Automotive Ltd website!

Our new site is far more advanced and renders automatically to the screen size of whatever device you’re viewing it from so we’re now fully desktop, mobile and tablet friendly.

We can also cross-post to our social media pages so if you’re on our Facebook Page, our Twitter Feed or our Google+ Page you’ll see the same news and updates as available in the News section of this website.

Key Power Remote Batteries

We now stock an extensive range of car key remote batteries.

Many vehicle manufacturers specify that remote batteries should be replaced during routine servicing. If your remote has stopped working or the range has reduced ask us to replace your battery as part of your annual service or pop into the workshop and we’ll replace it while you wait. Prices start at £5.00 fitted.

Aero Flat Wiper Blades

We now have in stock a comprehensive range of flat/aero style wiper blades compatible with most modern vehicles originally equipped with this type of blade.

These wiper blades are OEM fit, provide excellent screen coverage, are graphite coated for extended life and are smooth and silent in operation.

We provide free fitting while you wait with every blade purchased.

Sykes-Pickavant EGR & Solenoid Valve Tester

** New Equipment Update **

Sykes-Pickavant EGR & Solenoid Valve Tester

SP Diagnostics has designed, manufactured and released their new EGR and Solenoid Valve Tester. This new tool helps the technician test the integrity of EGR valves and other 12v solenoids, such as vacuum solenoids, boost pressure control valves and actuators, petrol injectors, carbon canisters and even relays. Due to the tool’s variable frequency, EGR valves can either be cycled to ensure correct operation or to clean it during its cyclic mode. In high frequency mode, the valve can be opened progressively, allowing more efficient manual cleaning.

MOT Test Changes May 2018

The government has announced changes to the way MOT Tests are carried out which will come into affect on the 20th May 2018. These changes are required to implement the EU Roadworthiness Directive.

The first major change is to the way information is shown on the pass and failure certificates. Defects will now be categorised as dangerous, major or minor. Vehicles with dangerous or major faults will automatically fail the test and those flagged as dangerous will see the vehicle’s presenter advised not to drive their vehicle away from the garage until these defects are repaired. Minor defects will be handled in much the same was as advisories are today, providing information to the owner of what repairs may be required in the near future.

For diesel-engined vehicles in the Euro5 and Euro6 emissions categories the exhaust emissions smoke limit will be halved and additionally any vehicle fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) which emits any colour of visible smoke from the tailpipe during emissions testing will also fail. The visual inspection for the DPF will be improved and now vehicles will fail the test if there’s evidence it has not just been removed as is currently the case but also whether it has been tampered with, with the onus being on the owner to prove any tampering has been done for legitimate reasons.

Some tweaks have been made to other areas of the test. Brake components such as brake discs will fail if there’s evidence they are worn. Checking the operations of reverse lamps has been added to the lighting section. The engine management light (check engine light) must illuminate when the ignition is switched on and must go out when the engine starts.

Cars 40 years old and older will be exempt from MOT testing from May so any car manufactured before 1978 this year, 1979 next year and so on. These vehicles must still be roadworthy but as most are owned by enthusiasts the government believe they will be well maintained and not used often.

1946 Hillman ‘Ten’ Estate

This is a pretty rare car. In fact it’s the only one still in existence to the best of our knowledge (If you know otherwise please let us know by commenting below!). The Hillman ‘Ten’ estate is based on a Hillman Minx saloon with the rear body built by the Pressed Steel Company.

After a chance conversation with a visitor to the Beaulieu International Autojumble last year, a regular customer of ours who already owns the saloon and drophead coupé versions purchased then transported this car back to his home workshop. It had sat in the previous owner’s garage for over ten years and was in need of some serious restoration work.

Since then the car has been stripped down and fully resprayed and we have started a full electrical rebuild including fabricating a custom rear-section wiring harness sympathetic to the factory-fitted original.

The project is now completed and the Hillman is back on the road where it belongs..

Rear Parking Assist Tester (RPAT2)

** New Equipment Update **

Just Arrived! Snap-on Rear Parking Assist Tester (RPAT2)


Diagnosing Rear Parking Assist Systems Snap-on’s new Rear Parking Assist Tester (RPAT2) quickly checks sensors without the need of bumper removal or jacking up the vehicle. The RPAT2 can verify in a matter of seconds whether individual bumper-mounted sensors are properly working. The RPAT2:

  • Is a hand held tester that visually, with an LED light, and audibly, with an alarm, indicates whether a specific sensor is working or not.
  • Can test up to 6″ away from the sensors.
  • A simple ON/Off switch is the only control required to activate and operate this unit, there is no need for wires or connectors.
  • Is compatible with all ultrasonic factory systems including models manufactured by GM, Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles, as well as all aftermarket systems for commercial trucks and trailers.