TPMS Diagnostics

As of 1 January 2015, a car displaying a TPMS fault when submitted for its MOT will result in a test failure.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have been fitted to cars for a number of years and have been compulsory for all new model vehicles after 2012 and all newly registered cars after 2014.  From January 2015, all vehicles first registered after 1st January 2012 which had TPMS fitted as original equipment will fail the MOT if the system does not work correctly or the system has been removed or disabled.

Regardless of MOT requirements, TPMS is a safety system and as such should be fully operational regardless of when the car was first registered.

When a fault occurs in the TPMS system a diagnostic check must be carried out to determine the cause. We have invested in two dedicated, standalone TPMS diagnostic machines. The first is a dealer-level TPMS activation tool and the second is a fully featured OBD TPMS diagnostic scan tool with TPMS activation, relearn and programming functionality capable of handling the full range of TPMS test and sensor replacement tasks on a wide range of vehicles.

We also carry in stock a range of hybrid TPMS sensors covering 98% of vehicles. These sensors can be programmed with the original sensor identification code removing the need to go through the slow process of relearning IDs to the TPMS module.