** New Equipment Update **

Our new CEM DT-5500 Digital Insulation Tester arrived in the post this morning.

It’s designed to test the insulation of electrical equipment by introducing a high voltage, low current signal whilst monitoring the equipment’s ability to remain electrically insulated from that signal. This is invaluable for testing our workshop equipment to ensure it remains safe to use and the first thing I tested this morning using the DT-5500 was one of the workshop’s portable battery chargers which has a metal case and is often used outside in the car park. I’m pleased to say it passed with flying colours!

Its main use in the workshop however will be for testing electronically the insulation and the condition of the Piezo stones in both diesel and petrol engine fuel injectors.

Quite often an electrical leak into the body of the injector is an early sign of injector failure so being able to detect this quickly and easily can save many hours of work trying to detect intermittent drivability faults.

The following video shows the DT-5500 in use by ASNU Corporation Europe Ltd when bench testing a gasoline direct injection piezo injector, the type fitted to BMW cars.

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