Exploding Battery Post

I arrived at work this morning to find a gentleman waiting outside for me. His car was at a garage in a West Hull village and whilst there an explosion had occurred at one of the two batteries which power this large four wheel drive vehicle. The garage wasn’t sure what had caused it to happen and didn’t want to get involved.

The only option was to have the vehicle recovered to my workshop so I could carry out a detailed inspection and my preferred recovery company was then contacted and transported the car during the afternoon.

It was quickly apparent that the damage was limited to the positive battery post of the main starting battery. The battery post had become so hot as to cause molten lead to be ejected from it onto the top of the battery. The battery terminal was now badly damaged too.

On inspecting the battery terminals on the other battery it was clear that they hadn’t been tightened up properly and were insecure. This causes a high electrical resistance which in turn produces a lot of heat. It’s this heat which caused the explosion and subsequent damage.

The repair was straightforward. A new battery and new Durite battery terminals which are far superior to the original ones.

And a word of warning. Car batteries are dangerous. Incorrect installation can cause the battery to explode. If your car needs a battery fitting leave it to a competent mechanic!

1946 Hillman ‘Ten’ Estate

This is a pretty rare car. In fact it’s the only one still in existence to the best of our knowledge (If you know otherwise please let us know by commenting below!). The Hillman ‘Ten’ estate is based on a Hillman Minx saloon with the rear body built by the Pressed Steel Company.

After a chance conversation with a visitor to the Beaulieu International Autojumble last year, a regular customer of ours who already owns the saloon and drophead coupé versions purchased then transported this car back to his home workshop. It had sat in the previous owner’s garage for over ten years and was in need of some serious restoration work.

Since then the car has been stripped down and fully resprayed and we have started a full electrical rebuild including fabricating a custom rear-section wiring harness sympathetic to the factory-fitted original.

The project is now completed and the Hillman is back on the road where it belongs..