May/June 2023 Holiday Dates

The workshop will be closing at lunchtime on Thursday 25th May for just over a week and will reopen at 8.30am on Monday 5th June while we head down to the south coast for a short break.

I have limited availability up until Thursday 25th May to deal with unexpected problems. Availability for routine work is good after Wednesday 7th June.

Future planned holiday and workshop closure dates can be viewed in the News section.

The workload has been far higher than usual for this time of the year. In reality it hasn’t slowed down since October last year. I have two vehicles on site which have been with me for a few weeks that need assessing and I may need to prioritise these this week so I can bring their owners up to date.

Facebook Messenger
I have deleted Facebook Messenger for my personal Facebook account from all of my devices, turned off notifications and set my status to unavailable. The volume of business and work related messages coming through my personal account is unmanageable and despite my best attempts at steering these messages to the work accounts I have been unsuccessful, therefore I will no longer use it. Please only use the contact methods listed on the Contact Jonathan page of this web site.

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