Snap-on APOLLO-D8 Scan Tool

*** New Equipment Update ***

Today we took delivery of our latest diagnostic hardware, the Snap-on APOLLO-D8 full-function scan tool.

Snap-on APOLLO-D8 Full-Function Scan Tool

The APOLLO-D8 is equipped with the latest Ethernet for diagnostics or “DoIP” technology, required for 2018 and newer Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo vehicles with the expectation that many other vehicle manufacturers will deploy this communication standard in the near future.

The APOLLO-D8 is Secure Vehicle Gateway ready. Automobile manufacturers are developing solutions to protect their vehicles’ networks from unauthorised access, including potential cyber-attacks. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) recently implemented a secure gateway module that was introduced on a selection of their 2018 and newer model vehicles. For those vehicles with the secure gateway module, access to certain diagnostic functions requires registration and authentication through an approved device for all aftermarket scan tools.

It also offers the extra assurances of SureTrack™ expert information, “Smart Data”, and quick access to functional tests and resets – within a highly intuitive user interface that’s simple to learn and operate.

APOLLO-D8 Features

  • “Smart Data” automatically configures the display to show vehicle data parameters (PIDs) relevant to the fault code. Non-related parameters are filtered out to save you time
  • Highlights vehicle data that is out of expected range
  • Functional tests to verify component operation; reset procedures to complete the repair after component replacement. Only those that pertain to that fault code are shown
  • Scan for vehicle fault codes/diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • SureTrack common replaced parts and real fixes for the specific vehicle and DTC
  • Large 8in display for better readability and greater ease of use
  • Super-fast boot up: ready to use in just 5 seconds
  • Detailed trouble code definitions, live data, functional tests, relearns, and adaptations
  • One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan & Clear quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle
  • Custom data lists, freeze-frame, PID sorting, pause, zoom, PID trigger, snapshot, and cursor functions
  • Ability to record all available live data parameters and graph any four on screen at once
  • Embedded SMX® Operating System dedicated to diagnostic functions for fast, reliable operation

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