Firstly I’d like to wish all of my customers a Happy New Year.

The workshop reopened on Monday 4th January after the Christmas break. Following on from the government’s announcement yesterday the workshop will remain open when there is work in the diary but will close and I will stay at home if there are no bookings. I can still be reached when at home using the contact methods listed on the contact page of this web site.

Workshop Mobile Telephone Update

I have decided not to renew the contract for the workshop mobile phone when it expires in March. As many of you will have noticed it’s next to useless for making or receiving calls in the workshop due to the low quality signal and is an expensive text messaging device.

Instead I have reserved a new mobile phone number. Calls to this number will be routed via our 3CX phone system to the workshop telephones and text messages will be routed to 3CX’s inbuilt chat and messaging system. Calls and texts will be replied to from the workshop during normal working hours.

I will release the new number and phase out the use of the mobile phone in the next few weeks once internal testing has been completed.

All customers will be notified before the mobile phone contract expires.

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